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The Studio Nouveau Gallery and Art Park - live in Decentraland!

Studio Nouveau's new gallery and art park is now live in Decentraland and open to all visitors!

Here is the link to visit:,-36 

"Audiovisual" Album Release Party!

On Friday September 18th, come to the album release party for Studio Nouveau's album of multimedia music "Audiovisual."

They will also be unveiling their new expanded gallery build, featuring the Studio Nouveau digital art collection, as well as pieces on display by other friends and crypto artists!

Event info at:


Studio Nouveau featured in SuperRare Editorial!

Read about Studio Nouveau's work and background in their recent feature in SuperRare's Editorial: "Cryptowave: Sculptures and Music by Studio Nouveau"  

Studio Nouveau's minted NFT works can be experienced exclusively at:

Studio Nouveau Featured for SuperRare AI and Generative Art Week!

You can see Ture's sculpture "Sirens" featured outside of the SuperRare Art Gallery in

Decentraland for AI and Generative Art Week!!

You can also see some of Studio Nouveau's other pieces inside the gallery as well.

Visit here:,94

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Studio Nouveau in SuperRare Editorial!

Read Studio Nouveau's recent featured SuperRare editorial on the topic of crypto music!



"Audiovisual" is Studio Nouveau's first album of multimedia crypto music minted on SuperRare:

Each audiovisual piece contains sculpture images, paired with GAN generated landscapes, unique music tracks, and video effects.


Studio Nouveau Team

Ture Olson

Landscapes, Music, Sculptures, Video

Kaja Olson

Digital Drawing, Photoshop



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